Intumescent Fire Proofing

Intumescent coatings are becoming increasingly popular since it provides the owner and architect with the flexibility of achieving an aesthetically pleasing way to fireproof structural steel.

Intumescent fireproofing are thin film coatings designed for exposed applications and can be used for both interior and exterior fireproofing applications. Intumescent coatings come in solvent and water-based formulations and provide up to a three-hour rating on beams and columns.

Thin film Intumescent coatings can provide a durable and attractive surface, similar to a paint finish. However, in a fire the Intumescent will expand to many times its original thickness. This provides an insulating foam-like char to protect the steelwork against heat build-up.

We Palgan Insulation Co LLC is a certified applicator for a variety of Intumescent fireproofing product manufacturers, and has the equipment and expertise to apply those products via Graco Airless Spray Machines. We perform the Intumescent applications either Onsite Or Offsite as per project requirements, we are ready to meet the customer needs with the technical expertise and qualified spray team to yield a high-quality and cost-efficient solution.

Commercial Buildings

  • Thin Film Water Based Intumescent – For Internal Exposed Steel structures Up to C3 Environment.
  • Thin Film Solvent Based Intumescent – For Internal Exposed Steel structures Up to C4 Environment.
  • Water Based and Solvent Based Intumescent materials are suitable for Cellulosic Fire Protection.

Industrial Buildings/Petro Chemicals

  • Thick Film Epoxy Based Intumescent – Specially designed as an intumescent coating to provide fire protection for steel in hydrocarbon pool and jet fires for different types of structures and equipment.
  • Thick Film Epoxy Based Intumescent materials are typically used in the oil, gas and energy industries. Suitable in both offshore and onshore environments for the passive fire protection of structural carbon steel, stainless steel, GRP and concrete.

Fire Rating Hours – 30 mins up to 180 mins