Fire Stopping

A firestop is a system that’s designed to contain smoke and fire in the areas where a fire is sparked.

Structural fires can lead to severe fire damage and covering the cost of the repairs or replacement can get expensive. By installing a firestop system, the aftermath can be minimized so you won’t have to spend as much to restore all your losses and will reduce the time your business is out of commission.

We Palgan offers a comprehensive option of services for your fire stopping needs:

Construction Joint Fire stopping

  • Floor and wall expansion joints
  • Head of wall joints for concrete

Penetration Fire stopping Services

  • We can provide the types of systems or “Engineering Judgments” necessary to complete the most complicated projects. We provide through penetration firestop systems for:

Mechanical Systems

  • Single and Multiple Metallic Pipe
  • Non-metallic pipes
  • Insulated pipes
  • HVAC Ducting and Dampers.